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You've really given me the ability to get back to the old me and kick those bad habits that had taken over. I can't thank you enough.


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Body and Mind UK- Happy, Healthy & Pain Free

Your Physical and Mental Health Practitioner

When you decide to put your health into my hands, it immediately becomes my number one priority. I’ve been serving as a Physical and Mental Health Practitioner since 2000.

Taking a 3-part approach, I will look at a client's physical health, physiological health & also your mental health. I always look to treat the root cause of your issues, to get you happy, healthy and pain free. 

Give me a call to find out how I can help you today.

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Post-Operation ScarWork

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Physical Therapy
Sports Massage

Pilates Instructor

Reformer & Mat  Pilates

Do you have painful or unsightly scars?
Have you had surgery and now feel “disconnected” to that part of your body?
Are your movements restricted due to a scar?
Do you have lower back pain after abdominal surgery?

ScarWork is a gentle approach to reconfiguring the soft tissues. It works not only on the scar itself, but also the surrounding tissues. It can help reduce the damage done as a result of surgery. ScarWork will usually remove the adhesions left by scarring, it can also improve the appearance of a scar.

Do you feel worthless or a failure at everything?
Do you feel hopeless, like there's no way out?
Are you constantly anxious or stressed and can't relax?
Do you have phobia that terrifies you?

Hypnosis is the quickest and most effective way to resolve many issues in your life, faster than counselling or Cognitive Behavioural therapy.

In a relaxed, hyper-focused state of hypnosis, we can run a google search on our subconscious and let go of any buried emotions, traumas and fears.

Back ache or joint stiffness?

Aches & pains?
Afraid to move incase

it gets worse?
Been suffering with an

injury for a while and need help to get better?

My mission is to help you understand why your body is hurting, or why it won't allow you to do the things that you want to do. Taking a whole body assessment and treatment approach, we address the root cause of your issues, as opposed to merely treating your pain. 

Lower back pain?
Afraid to move incase

it gets worse?

Recovering from an injury and want help to get better?

Want to increase strength, flexibility, co-ordination and balance, whilst sculpting your muscles?

Suitable for injury rehab and absolute beginners through to advanced, Pilates is a low-impact yet high intensity workout. It can lead to better posture and alignment, giving relief from pain associated with physical imbalances (such as back pain).

Muscles of the core are vital for building strength and stability. Which can improve and maintain overall physical fitness.

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+44 7971 001318

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